Monday, February 3, 2014

One year!

Well we have officially been in Serbia for one full year.  When we first got here and looked ahead, it seemed like it would be forever...but looking back makes us realize just how fast time has passed and how many people we have come to love.

Alan is still working hard to get a Visa for Radoslav so he can leave on his designated date of Feb. 20th.  It looks like it will happen after much hard work by Alan.  Also, Elder OBrien that lived with us and went to the Ukraine on his mission is being moved to the USA to have knee surgery and maybe shoulder surgery again to repair the surgery he had here.  He will be released from his mission and get a refuge Visa.  The family of a past missionary who came to Serbia from California will be providing him a home in America.
Lately our branch has reminded us of a very small town where members are resistant to incoming new members.  They are wonderful people, but some of them seem threatened and some even have more of a superior attitude.  Whatever it is, they are hindering the missionary work because of their failure to fellowship. We hope as time goes on they will relax and become more excepting...we pray about this all the time.  I'm a little too old to be saying this (I knew, but not completely) how important it is to make the new people attending church feel welcomed and cared about (not just for one week, but on an ongoing basis).

A friend recently shared a post with me that I found interesting...I hope you will too.
"Just a note about winters in Serbia  -  as far north as we are latitudinal and as close as we are to the eastern edge of our time zone we spend a lot of time in the dark!  We are as far north as Bangor, Maine, and only about 40 miles from the eastern edge of the time zone.  On December 21st it was dark by 4:30pm.  Therefore what?     When it’s cold and dark outside people sometimes tend to behave like the weather and that can take a toll on missionary morale."  

This is our young Mission Pres. and his wife with Nemanja
our new young man that joined the church in Nov.
This is a short blog...we are leaving for Croatia coast on Wed. and I hope to have some great pictures for the next blog.

Our "Only in Serbia" this time is a picture of a super man who can only be found in Serbia...but only for the next 5 months.
Working hard and having a great time...

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