Thursday, April 17, 2014

Never a dull moment (AKA Restful moment)

This has been a hectic week...(Sorry, I am writing this down more to help me remember than for your un-enjoyment) On Sunday we had Branch Conference with a dinner following which I got to make the bulk of the meal except for dessert. We had sweet and sour chicken nuggets and one of our older sisters said that she might learn to like that funny tasting chicken that Sister Seelos made. (you just have to smile).  Monday we had the Senior couple from Osijek here to visit for the day.  They took us out to lunch for Alan's birthday which was very nice. Tuesday we had a District Auxillary women's meeting here in Sremska which included all the women leaders in Serbia.  We hosted and prepared refreshments.  Wed. was District meeting here and I prepared a huge relish plate with dip for their treat. Today is Thursday and we are having the Easter Party tonight which we had to plan.  We will have an Easter Egg hunt (they loved that last year) followed by the Sister Missionaries talking about Easter and then showing a video. Following, we will have another dinner...which I prepared the main course and salad.  (People here are poor and when they bring something, it is usually a bread of some kind). Friday we trek to Novi Sad to take the baptismal font and then turn around and travel south to Sebac to pay for trees Sremska will plant (after we leave) for a humanitarian project.  Saturday I will prepare lunch for the sisters and Aleksander to say goodbye since he is leaving for Montenegro. (more on him later)...Sunday of course is Easter and I will prepare Easter Dinner for the missionaries.  And in the mean time Alan is running around doing the Priesthood stuff..Whew! Enough said...

If you remember Aleksander left the church and wanted his name removed from the records...but he has now calmed down and says that the truth is that he has a testimony of the gospel and believes it spiritually, but he can't live it physically.  He is a bartender by trade and he smokes and drinks.  We love him and hope that some day he will be able to embrace the whole of the gospel. 

Now for the "Only in Serbia" moment...we are calling it "Only in Sremska Mitrovica" this time. There is a artist living in Sremska Mitrovica that paints murals on many of the buildings and they are all representing Roman culture because of the Roman history here. (Seven of the Roman Emperors come from Sremska)
The artist's name is Dragan Martinovic and his work is very impressive.  Daniel and Anna loved these pictures when they visited (so this is for you both).

Only in Sremska, but impressive, hum!

During this Easter weekend may we all remember Christ's Sacrifice for each of us.  "And this is life eternal, they they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."  John 17:3  If you know that, you are blessed because many do not have a testimony of this.  Be Thankful!

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