Thursday, May 15, 2014

46 years continued!!!

I will try again to finish the blog that I started yesterday....
This picture was taken at the Castle entrance and we laugh because it could be a before and after picture, "I used to be a man of steel and now I am a man of much less steel."

Alan gave me flowers for our anniversary picked and arranged by his own hand.  Isn't he creative.

 Just before we left for Slovenia, we stopped by a village that had an old abandoned church.  You don't often see churches that aren't taken care of and this is the only abandoned church that we have seen...but it was still so interesting in its dilapidated state of disrepair.  We stopped to take a few pictures (many pictures really) and ended up meeting a woman who has planted flowers and a garden on one side of this abandoned church.  When we ask if we could take pictures, she invited us into her garden.  (It is amazing what can be conveyed without the benefit of the same language).  She and her husband were working on this garden which made this church even more beautiful.  She gave us a rose and some other flowers to take with us.  We had a delightful 'gesturing' visit and were reminded that people everywhere are the same and appreciate being recognized for their hard work.

Looking through the church to the other side

Another view through the church

Not as pretty as a whole, but individual parts are great.

Our sweet lady and her Garden
This blog is  brief and mostly pictures, but when I'm old and senile it will jog my mind and memories.  Our "Only in Serbia" moment this time is two pictures.

This is a Serbian 7-11...A quick stop store where you can buy snacks and  minutes for your phone.

This beautiful sunrise greeted us the very next morning after arriving home.

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