Friday, April 5, 2013


Alan told of our inactive member who came to church because we had come to his house looking for "the lost sheep".  Well, we were to have a first meeting with his mother who never joined the church and she was coming to the church because her ex-husband (who she lives across the yard from) hates Americans.  The door opens and in walks Alexander but he did not have his mother with him.  He said that he thought we were having an English class this night.  He said that his mother was ill and wouldn't be coming.  So we said why don't you stay for an English lesson and we will talk about what we were going to share with your mother.  He agreed.  Now remember he hasn't been in the church since he was 10 years old.  We had prepared to teach her about the plan of salvation and so we taught him and he was amazed.  The elders had discussed using a verse in the BOM but one of the elders said no I have a feeling that we should refer to the verse in I Corinthians 15:40-41 .  So after teaching about the degrees of glory...Alexander said, "I've read the Bible and I have never read anything about this".  And the Elders had him refer to I Corinthians and he was amazed.  The Lord really has a hand in our lives and if we listen He gives us the direction we need, no matter how suttle.  There is a lot Alexander has to learn, it is like he is a new investigator, but we will keep teaching and praying that the seeds of a testimony are planted before he has to go back to Montenegro.

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