Monday, April 8, 2013

Bloom where you are planted

You can take the yard away from the man, but you can't take the love of yard work away from him.  Last Friday we went to a town called Sebac (Sh-vach) and found a corner selling plans and just like a magnet we were drawn there.  Yes, it is a sickness!  We thought, where will we plant them, we don't know, but we will find a way.   So after becoming plant owners, we went to a flower place in Sremska, but they didn't have pots, so we did finally go to a store that has just plastic items and bought a pot.  But shops here are very specialized and we had to go to a seed and fertilizer store to get planting soil.  We lugged everything up stairs (Alan carried most of it) and today we planted out sweet little pot. Oh, but I didn't tell you the rest...he kept all the pansy pots from the church planting and they are in a back bedroom window with marigold seeds planted.  Sickness :o]  I expect our back balcony will soon be covered in pots of tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, etc. etc.   Like I said in the eariler blog...the balcony becomes what ever you need it to be.  Right now the back balcony will be the garden and the front balcony the patio. (Thank goodness that we have a dryer or what would we do.)   And so we help it bloom where we are planted, even if it is a Serbian balcony.  Part of the journey!
Now doesn't he look happy?

He's having a little chat with the salesmen.  I think that I was barely out
of the car and he was already there chatting & buying. :o)

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