Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just another week in Serbia!

This has been a full week...We so want to visit more inactives but presently we seem to be a medical bus shuttle service and surrogate parents.  Besides having O'Brien's shoulder recuperating, one of our Elders needed to have in-grown toenail surgery, so off to Belgrade we went again to Belmedic for an appt. and then another day for surgery.  They did a good job and he is home today with his foot up.  Because the Elders and Sister's walk so much, it really beats up their feet and toe nails.

We have also been working to get O'Brien's American Visa and by Thurs. we will have been to  Belgrade 4x to get it finalized.  We also have to work at getting his Ukrainian Visa, maybe before he leaves.  We are worried that he may not leave next week.  That will be hard on him (and on us) ;o)......!

Our mission recently had the country of Montenegro from the South Adriatic Mission added to our mission.  Mostly because the people there basically speak Serbian and they had to keep borrowing our missionaries to work there.  We now have five countries in our mission and that makes for a big mission.  We would not be surprised to see them divide it next June when it is time for our mission Pres. to leave.  We, however, are happy that they added Montenegro because that is where our "lost sheep" member had to go to work and now we can go visit him. He has finally contacted us on Facebook so hopefully we can keep him close to the gospel.

 There are so many people here who have come near and dear to us....people we would have never known if we hadn't have come here.  There is a young girl here who is 15 year old.  She is so brave.  She stood up on a chair in class one day and told her whole class about the church and invited them to come.  You can only understand how brave this is when you realize how many friends she and her sister have lost because  they are members of our church...or cult as the so called friends call it.  Today she is marking some scriptures in the BOM and praying to know whose doorstep to leave it on.  She is such an inspiration....

Alan and I find that we have to go to the grocery store about every other day.  Honestly, our food bill is crazy.  Besides the food over here being more expensive, we are always feeding the missionaries and we had forgotten that boys have that hollow-leg syndrom.  They can really tank away the food.  O'Brien LOVES  bread and can put at least one loaf away a day.  He can't understand why we don't eat that much bread.  If there is not bread on the table, he says, "Don't we have any bread".... so we better have bread.  Also, this is kind'a funny but Alan and I have missed Sweet Pickles because I use them a lot in recipes.  So, Alan and I canned Sweet Pickles. Yes, we did and they taste great.  Thank you Aunt Carrie for your recipe and guiding hands.
Yes we did!  You can reuse jars here and their
original lids will seal.

"Only in Serbia".....We see roads made from rock.

And they go on sometimes forever!

Old stacked communist apartments...

That sometimes go on forever!

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