Monday, July 29, 2013

Tired Empty Nesters

We are once again in our life classed as 'Empty Nesters'.  I think we thought that we had graduated from that time of our life, but doesn't life have a way of changing it's course.   We were not sure that our live-in Serbian Elder would even make it to the MTC for his appointed time.  Everything was in place except a 'Letter of Invitation' from the Ukraian government.  Who knew!  But the area presidency was able to arrange for him to go to the MTC while they still work on getting his invitation.  Alan has now visited the US Embassy and the Urkrainan Embassy and becoming quit the diplomat.  We drove our Serbian Elder to Zagreb on Wed. (7 hours round trip) to had him set apart by the mission President. Then Thurs. morning we got up at 2am and had him at the Belgrade airport to fly out for his 20 hour trip to SLC.  Who said that missions are restful?  So, now our Serbian Missionary is in Utah and from what we hear sooo happy to be in America.  We have received reports that he is in awe of American police cars, lite up semi-trucks, being able to see four temples from Ensign peak; and that there is a store called the distribution center that just has LDS stuff.  He enters the MTC at noon on Tues.  This mission will change this young man's destiny for not only him but all his posterity.

The very same afternoon we made a return trip to Belgrade to get our Elder's toenail stitches removed.  And in the afternoon on Sat. we made a quick trip to Belgrade to take baptismal clothes to the Belgrade Elders for a baptism they had scheduled Sat. night.  (sometimes Elders don't plan too far ahead).  Are you counting, that makes one trip to Zagreb, and three trips to Belgrade this week.  It must have said, "Additional missionary duties include bus-driver, delivery person, bed and breakfast proprietor, and Medical assistant" in the fine print of the missionary papers, but we were too excited to notice. :o)

Getting our Serbian Elder off was not our last all night vigil this week.  On Sat. night our EFY youth came back from Germany.  All of Europe, except England and Scandinavia, attended EFY in Germany.  There were about 20 countries and 350 youth there.  We had arranged for a couple from our Sremska branch to drive the Serbian and Croatian youth there.  This was a great opportunity for them because the church pays for everything but food and after they drop the youth off in Germany they go on the Frankfurt and spend the week going to the temple and relaxing.  They were thrilled.  Anyway, when they picked up the youth to come back on Sat. they encountered major traffic and did not arrive home until 4 am.  We had been expecting them at midnight and sat up with a mom from Novi Sad who had come  down to wait with us.  When they finally arrived, we took two of the girls to stay over with us that night and return to Belgrade on Sunday.  Needless to say, after two late nights this week, we know you can get jet-lag without really flying.
Radamir and Duska, our drivers.

Serbian youth, the two front girls stayed with us
over night.  Very nice young woman.
Then in the middle of all of this, we had a surprise birthday party for our branch president.  A good time was had by all.
Branch President

We gave him this as a birthday gift.

Branch president, wife, and children
I know this must all sound hectic, but it keeps it interesting and exciting if nothing else.  We were pleased Sunday because we had 5 non-members attend church, so we hope that our missionaries realize that they are having some success.  We know that many of you pray for us and so appreciate and thank you for thinking of us.

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog and was so happy to hear about what you two are doing. You sound so happy and busy and you are doing wonderful things. Hope it's ok if I follow you occasionally.
    Helen Astill Centerville