Friday, August 2, 2013


Since we live on the third floor of our building, we really do have a 'bird's eye view' of what goes on down below us.  Most times people don't even know that we are above them watching them kiss, argue, laugh, adjust clothing, and/or itch etc.

But also because we are so high we are about eye level with a flock of pigeons that fly in every morning and perch on the roof of an old house across the street. (It's amazing what you can find to entertain yourself when the days get long)  It has been fun to watch their pecking order and their sudden 'take flight' because they hear something that we don't.  And when they hear it, so do the other flocks of pigeons across town because we will see them all take flight.  We have also noticed that birds, not only pigeons, take such a pleasure in catching the wind, swooping and gliding just for the joy of it.  It made us stop and think about what we each do in our lives "just for the joy of it"; and when we are in the middle of it do we really appreciate that joy.  We so often get bogged down by the struggles of life that we often over look the "swooping and gliding" that occurs in our hum drum lives.  I guess that is what we all call taking each day for granted. Just like the birds we need to make a conscious effort to swoop and glide just for the joy of it.

Well again probably too much philosophizing!    We do have a little congregation of swallows that come and sit on the wire just outside our balcony.  We say, "Here they are to hear us preach the Gospel again".  Sad thing though, we don't speak their language either, but we enjoy watching each other.

Our Swallow Congregation!
 As you travel around Serbia and get close to any of the big rivers it is common to see large pelican nests atop electrical poles, on top of house chimneys, or in the tops of trees.  We recently, on a Pday with the Elders, encountered many many such nests in a small village close to the river.  The old building is an old church that has many individual nests around the top.
Mommy and Daddy? 

When we got to the river there were some snakes (yes, I said snakes) in the river that were hunting frogs to eat.  One snake even had a small fish in it's mouth.  Of course, this is as reported by the Elders (their picture) because I was high on the bank about 20 feet away.
There were frogs hopping every where.  This is one of the more colorful and a little larger than most of the frogs.  The Elders had a great time trying to catch them. It was fun just to watch them enjoy being boys.

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