Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween in Serbian (whether they want it or not)

It has been an extremely busy week here in Sremska Mitrovica...Besides the normal week of language lessons and various teaching lessons, the rest of the school kits were delivered, we had Zone Conference, a district Priesthood meeting, and District Conference today.  We had Elder Herbertson of the 70s here from England.

But I will start with our Halloween party.  They, as I have mentioned, do not have Halloween over here and many were not even familiar with it.  So our Sisters decided it was time to share with our English classes, our investigators, and our branch the true spirit of Halloween.  We made masks, bobbed for apples, hunted through whip cream for gum balls, and played a game with dice doubles and unwrapping candy (to hard to explain that game).  Our investigators and our English class came but none of our branch...sometimes we think they are too sophisticated or they think it is too American.  But even without the Branch, we had about 15 people there and we all had a great time. investigator who will be baptized Nov. 9th
He is the best young man...The Spirit had prepared him for
the Gospel.

Mira is such a good heart...she is an English student but has
come to church a couple of times.

Two of our other English interest in 
the church....yet.

Ivan (E-von) is a 27 year old investigator and such a
great young man.  He is becoming very special to us.

Whip Cream pie with gum balls

Aftermath of the whip cream...after they found the gum
they had to blow a bubble...Nemanja won

I forgot to mention that we also gave out two wheelchairs
this week

This poor man had bone cancer...he was so
appreciative ...  he was using crutches
and his poor hands looked terrible.

The only in Serbia moment this week was when three missionary Sisters dressed alike for Zone Conference without even consulting each other...we got a lot of flak from the other missionaries...We just said that only the important ones must have got the memo.
This Roma man begs on the street corner by asking to wash
your windshield.  He can not speak (just makes noises), but he
likes us and we like him.
District Conference was great...It was for all of Serbia branches and we had over 100 people there.  That doesn't sound great for how long the church has been established here but attendance is growing.  No one has ever been able to guess why the church has not grown here as quickly as in other parts of the world.  As I have said before...Satan really has a foot hold here and is hanging on tight.

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