Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SNOW, snow, SNOW!

Winter has finally arrived...we had snow last night and it feels somewhat like November now, maybe not Thanksgiving, but November.  There is a belief here that when the crows gather it is going to snow.  And sure enough the crows were gathering.
About 4 inches
Snow is not the only thing that is white, this week we also had another baptism.  What a blessing.  We thought because Dragon is such a large man (previous police commander) and bad knees that it might take two people to baptize him but his recently baptized son did it all by himself (and on the first try).
Dragon and his son will always remember that moment that they shared.
Dragon and his son, Nemanja
We hope within the next few months we can convert Slogenja, wife and mother, to the church.  We told her that she only has 7 months because we want to be here when she is baptized.  I so wish I could speak the language because she and I would so enjoy talking with each other.
Slogenja and sweet Sisters.
We are preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow and our family this year will be the missionaries from NoviSad (one set Elders and one set of Sisters) and a young couple that live in NoviSad that are from Spain as well as our Sisters.  Ten of us in all.  We have a small turkey and chicken breasts but once you carve them and you think 'Turkey' in your may all taste like turkey.  As for cranberry I said I found a recipe to make cranberry sauce from craisins.  It said once you make this, you will never go back.  So I made it and it amazingly tastes like craisins in a craisin sauce.  If only we could go back..but no real cranberry sauce is to be had.  Our oven is very small so we may be baking rolls at the church.  But we have to remember this truly is a Thanksgiving we will remember forever.  

Of course there are no Thanksgiving decorations in Serbia, so I scrambled and made our very own from an overgrown squash that we used as a pumpkin.  Only in Serbia do turkeys look like this:
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble--I thought I would be safe in Serbia!
Happy Thanksgiving and love to everyone...After spending time in a country that struggles it is easy to see how blessed we truly are.  Count your blessing that you live in America, have the gospel in your life, and can have an eternal family.  

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