Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And now we are three!

Well, just as we were getting used to life over here, things changed.  Isn't it change that is supposed to keep us young.  Then how come I feel older?  Our Serbian Elder was released from his mini mission but has no where to go while he waits for his full-time mission call.  So, he is now living with us until....well, we're not quit sure.  It certainly has changed the whole dynamics of this little apartment.  No privacy, regular meals, no bickering, act religious all the time, and a higher noise and energy level. But he is a good young man and we will all grow from this situation,wont we?  And most of all, he needs a break before he starts another mission.

Our "lost sheep" young man is doing great.  Remember, I had mentioned that he comes to church in Levis with holes.  Well we found some suits that previous missionaries had left and one fit him perfectly.  He looked so handsome on Sunday.  He was made a priest on Sunday and was smiling from ear to ear.  I think that he likes who he is now.

There is a native animal refuge a few miles from town.  They house animals that were native to Serbia in the olden days.  Plus they have a 42 spot camp ground which is the biggest camp ground in Serbia.  We have been there a couple of times and I think I mentioned that Alan made friends with the asst. director (are you surprised).  Anyway, yesterday he and the two missionaries went out to do service work.  And wouldn't you know it, Alan knew more about the plants that they did. They kept asking his advice and he taught them how to trim the scrubs they have.  He also helped them identify certain herbs that they are planting in a handicap garden.  They are excited to have a handicap garden and the first lady of Serbia is coming to dedicate it.  They were so appreciative and ask that he and the missionaries please come back. I don't think that they will have to twist Alan's arm too much.  The missionaries also loved it because it has been hard to find anyone here who will let you volunteer.  It gives the missionaries a nice break to be able to do something different.  I expect that them and Alan will be out there one day a week from now on....maybe I'll even go sometimes.

Sister Ann Madsen (wife of Truman G. Madsen) is coming to spend two months in the Adriatic North mission as a representative of the Sunday School Board.  She is coming to Sremska Mitrovica on June 7th to meet with the youth and hold a fireside.  This woman is 80 years old and still teaches religion at BYU.  Everyone is excited to hear her speak.

No pictures this time....more next time.

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