Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crazy week continued!!!

Honestly, me and this blog have a secret dislike for each other.  The fact that I am typing a blog at all is a miracle, but does it have to be so obstinate about putting in pictures.  Enough complaining, right!

Sunday I taught seminary to our three girls and we shared some really spiritual moments.  It is good to feel the trust and the connection start to come.

Monday morning we met the humanitarian missionaries in Ruma at the Senior Care Center and discussed helping to get them wheelchairs for about 25 people.  We may also help them get equipment for a portable lad to have on site.  People have no idea just how much the church does around the world to help.  Our humanitarian missionaries are continually busy with projects, such as water pumps, boots for Roma children, dental chairs, and eye surgery equipment etc. etc.

Monday evening in Belgrade, this area had a very special fireside given by Elder Kearon who is in the first quorum of the seventy.  He is the first counselor in the European area presidency.  Alan and I took over our two new members.  When Sevetta got into the car she didn't seem to feel well, but ofcourse, there is a language barrier.  So I called the missionaries and had them ask her if she was sure she felt good enough to go.  "Oh yes, it will pass and she will be fine".  By the time we got to Belgrade, she got out of the car throwing up and really sick.  We got the missionaries to take Jelico with them and promise to bring him home on the bus and we turned around and brought Sevetta home.

We had a Zone Conference with Elder Kearon Tues. in Belgrade all day and it was great.  He is not only a spiritual man, but has a very good sense of humor.  It was a full day but a good day.  When we got home on Tues. we found out that Sevetta is in the hospital.  She must be a very valiant spirit because Satan is after her all the time.

The missionaries from Bosnia and Serbia who attended
the Zone Conference.  Pres. Rowe, mission pres.
 is the young man on the right side, front row.
A very spiritual man.

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