Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crazy but good week!

Being a Senior missionary is an interesting calling.  It seems that one day or week we are swamped with busyness and a day later things are calm...but we are finding out that the calm comes before each storm of activity.  I think the Lord lets you just catch you breath so that you can go at it again.

We traveled to Novi Sad for a district meeting (which is 1 hour away) on Wed. and then on Thurs.we drove the Elders to Vukovar to get our Serbian Elder's birth certificate for his mission papers.  Alan finally sent them in to the mission Pres. so we will expect his call within the next month.  I think he is scared and mother's day was hard on him because the other elder called his parents and it reminded him that his family has disowned him.

Saturday was finally the day of our baptisms.  They have been called off two other times because Satan has interfered   You will see in the pictures the portable set up for a baptismal font.  It's a good thing Alan is here, I don't think our two missionaries could have figured it out.  It has been wonderful to see the joy and light it has brought into their countenance.  Sevetta just kept saying, "I am so happy".  That's how being filled with the spirit makes her feel.  After the baptism and refreshments, the two new members, our missionaries and then four of the missionaries from Novi Sad plus the mission Pres. came to our apt. for dinner.  What's eleven people for dinner and five of them at the last minute, plus one of them the mission Pres., no pressure, but we all survived.

Rain had been forecast for the day but after a prayer, the day turned out beautiful until after the baptism and then it clouded up and rained hard.  We were thankful for the nice day, the baptisms, and the blessing these two new members are to this small branch.

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