Monday, March 11, 2013

My first Sunday to conduct

Well I think I have learned how to operate the MLS.  There are still a lot of things that give me trouble. Mainly trying to tell what it say on the screen in Cyrillic, but I am getting better as guessing when you figure out a few of the letters.Yesterday was the first time that I conducted.  The Branch President and I have several meetings on how to help the branch.  He is excited to have me as I get to do the callings because most of the members are family to him and they will tell him no where he feels they will not say no to me.  When I looked at the the branch directory the only member listed as having a calling was the Branch President.  We know other people have callings but they are not recorded and they don't ever remember being set apart.  So today me called a new Elders Quorum President, a new Relief Society President, a new Young Women's President, a new Primary President, a new Organist, a new Choir ester, and a new Branch Missionary.  All in all it was a very good day.  We had three investigators out to church yesterday and had a total of 17 people there and had four people who would normally be there but were out sick.  That is a very good number for our branch.  They all stayed for both meetings so we are happy.  Our little investigators were excited and asked a lot of questions in Sunday School and are still excited to be baptized.
My dear sweet wife has been doing her ES Duties (Emma Smith).  This week she fed the missionaries on Monday, Entertained and fed a Senior Couple and four Lady missionaries on Wednesday and then on Thursday we took the Counselor in the Mission Presidency and his wife out to dinner.  That was interesting because that was Woman's day and the place we were going to go to was packed with a long waiting line.  Our landlord had earlier had been telling us about a place he wanted us to go to which was out town a ways and thought it would be too hard to find.  Well we found it but the menus were in Cyrillic and nobody spoke English.   We found a young couple at one of the tables that told us what was on the menu. It was very good and a pleasant time.
This week we have to go across the border to Croatia so our Croatian Elder can get a new passport that shows his Serbian address.  We have to do this because  he is now only a temporary missionary and will be finished the end of March,  We plan on submitting his mission papers for a full time mission from Sremska Mitrovica as soon as he will have been in the church a year at the end of July. We need to get his new passport because you can only be called from the country where you reside and he can no longer do that from Croatia.
Then on Thursday we have to go to Beograd for a Zone Conference so it will be another busy week and Emma Smith is a jewel and still smiling and I love her.

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