Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another day in the life of....

Well, we have found out that senior missionaries have to be very flexible in this calling.  We transport missionaries, we feed missionaries, we clean the church (did that today), we plan a Sunday School lesson last minute because a missionary is sick, we plant flowers at the church (did that too today), we teach with the missionaries, I cook, cook, cook, and Alan does MLS and missionary records.  But next week we start to visit inactive members and hopefully the following week we start teaching English and probably seminary.

We thought that you might like to see our apartment so I am including pictures....hold your breath! We have two more bedrooms and another small bathroom.  There is glass windows and a door at this end of the living room that goes out on a balcony.  I'm not great at including pictures, but I will attach more later.
Our dishwasher
Bedroom..took TV out

One of the bathrooms...the washer that
takes two hours.  I looks like two toilets but
 one is a  bidet???

Living room with new couch

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  1. Is that dad pulling up his pants in the back of the living room photo?