Friday, March 8, 2013

"Woman's Day" in Serbia

Today, March 8th, is woman'a day in Serbia.  It is like our Mother's Day.  We got up this morning and everywhere we went we saw people selling or carrying flowers and balloons.  We finally stopped at the library to see if they have any books in english and ask the girl who spoke some english what today was.  She told us that it is the day to honor woman.  It was sweet to see everyone with flowers or balloons.  This is a country that seems very family oriented.  It's very common to see fathers hugging and kissing their children.  We went to a restaurant today with a couple, the Westergard's from AZ,  that came here to help us get a seminary program started.  And just like our Mother's Day, people were there with wives and mothers celebrating the day.  A band came in to play and a husband and wife got up to dance and he sang to her; it was so sweet.  They are good people...and a very pretty people.  There was a group of teen boys and girls laughing and teasing just below our balcony last evening and as I watched them for a while I thought, teens are the same everywhere.  

Yesterday, we had another couple, the Ivins from Bountiful come here.  They brought two sister missionaries from Osejak up to meet two sisters from Beograd for an exchange.  So everyone came to lunch.  We didn't have enough chairs or bowls but we managed.  Flexibility is the word...because we never know from one day to another what might happen or change.

I ask Sister Ivins if she ever has times when she wonders what her part in this mission is....I ask her this because there are times when Alan is busy with records or church work and I am not sure where I fit into all that.  She said that's a common feeling and someone once gave her good advice and said, "When you feel that way, think of Emma Smith, we are their support".  Knowing she and other woman feel this way and that we are to be like Emma Smith, I have calmed down and felt less pressure.  There are busy times and there are quiet times and now I feel it's OK to enjoy the quiet times.  As this journey continues, we learn something new each day.  

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