Sunday, March 10, 2013

They said "YES"

It is amazing to me how the Spirit seems to speak first to the heart and then the mind catches up.  On Friday night we went with the missionaries to teach the little couple that came to church Sunday and they have been reading the BOM.  They had felt the spirit so strongly, both at church and then as they read.  The elders invited them to be baptized and they have committed to be baptized March 30th.    Our first baptisms...this hasn't happened in the branch for a long time so we hope that now the members will catch the fire for missionary work.  This is a man and woman that live together as roommates (nothing more) to help pay expenses.   He is much younger than she is.  She said that she has been praying and asking God to lead her to something more in life.  She lived in another town and felt she should move here and she did and found the missionaries.  The town she had in does not have missionaries.  It just shows that God truly is aware of everyone.  Thank goodness that she listened to the promptings. We just hope that this is the beginning of great things to come.

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