Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our trip west of the boarder into Croatia

Tuesday we had to drive to Croatia with the missionaries to pick up our Serbian/Croatian Elder's new passport.  Because of his father and his high ranking in the government he was able to request that his son no be listed as a Croatian citizen.   The price that some people have to pay to be members or our church...As I have said before, we take so much for granted.  While we were there we drove around some in the city of Vukovar.  It is the first city that Serbia attack in the beginning of the war.  Our Elder grew up in Serbia but his father defected to Croatia during the war.   There are bullet holes in a lot of the homes and many buildings are still in rubble. We have heard that when Serbia attack Croatia, the Croatian people did not have an army and no weapons and were literally fighting with clubs and a few shot guns until they could capture weapons.  It is common to see shot up buildings and rubble from the war in both Croatia and Serbia.  Because America bombed Belgrade to stop the war, many have feelings toward the Americans.  It is also amazing how they have left the big bombed buildings as a reminder of what America did to them.   There are still a lot of feelings here about the war, but many of the young people don't remember it and like most wars, the horror of it will soon be forgotten. 

Notice the bullet holes in the side of the house...this is common
The lower green house has been redone

The town's water tank that was hit...alot of buildings have this size holes or bigger..

Our Serbian/Croatian  Elder...He may go on a full time mission soon.

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