Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First day of our mission

Oh my goodness....we are in Europe; Zagreb, Croatia to be exact.  We boarded the plane at 8:30 am and off to New York, packed like sardines.  You like to act safisticated because you wear those important missionary badges, but after just sitting the 4 1/2 hours that it takes to get to New York you want to cry or scream--I'm not sure which.  After sitting another 4 hours, the plane takes off for Paris.  Paris, we're on our way to Paris!  As we go toward Paris, we gain time so we are served dinner because it's about 6:30 pm.  This flight we have our own two seats but again we're sitting so tightly together, forget getting the purse off the floor to get the IPad out, it is wedged tight.  So we try to sleep while we are sitting and shifting and stretching, and repositioning and still sitting.  It's been 6 hours of sitting and it's almost time to land but funny thing, it's now 7:00 am and time for a continental breakfast.  We look out our window, no Eiffel tower.  When the plane landed in Paris it must have taxied for two or more miles to the gate.  One little gentlement said "I think they are taking us on a tour of the city before they let us off".  We are only sitting here for 1 1/2 hours before they load the plane.  But to load the plane we must board a bus and ride about 3 miles out to a small commuter plane where we enjoy sitting while they fuel the plane.   As we fly for two more hours, we fly over the Swiss Alps (pretty and rugged), over Solvenia and into Croatia.  We have finally arrived!

We are being housed in Hotel Tina, a very Europeon small hotel.  It is nice, but not like the Hilton nice.  This first night, we had dinner in a restaurant across the street from the mission home.  Pres. Rowe and Sis. Rowe have five children, David 18, Connor 16, Colton 11, and twin girls Jessica and Anna 8.  Their home (AKA mission home) has four floors and is a lived in comfortable home.  The President had a facilities manager stop by so he could not interview us that night to tell us where we are going.  We will meet him Wed. morning and get our placement.

We are dead on our feet....Sister Rowe told us to try and stay awake until 8:00 but Alan and I crashed at 7:00.  We slept until 6:15 in the morning when we got called on our IPad.  This journey is an exciting time...we will tell you later our assignment.

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  1. Thanks for posting I have been thinking about you guys and wondering where my big sis and bro are. Can't wait to hear more. Love you guys