Thursday, February 21, 2013

Missionary Force

I can not believe the quality of the young missionaries that out preaching all over the world today.  Such fine mature young men!  We met as a district today in Novi Sad with the district leaders and zone leaders.  These young men were prepared and gave such good comments.  One young man stated that when he looks for contacts, if he believes he will find them he will.  If he believes he will find people to baptize, he will.  If he believes that he will activate members, he will.   BUT when he get down on himself and thinks that the contacts won't listen, or no one wants to be baptized, and members don't really want to be reactivated, then what happens is just what he thought.  Another lesson that we are more successful when we stay positive....and part of that is then the spirit can better reach us.  But, I can not say enough about the caliber of young men out here serving The Lord with all their heart.  Always remember them in your prayers.... 

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