Friday, February 22, 2013

"Praise to the Man"

My sweet giant of a husband...Being on a mission can be difficult at best, but when we are older and not as technology savvy, it can even more difficult.  Thus, is the case for us!  And although we share this responsibility, we end up having different tasks.  Alan has had to learn to drive in the crazy traffic over here and get to where we need to go in strange new big cities.  He has had to learn to navigate boarder crossings and toll booths with ease, which he has done.    He climbs these three flights of stairs many times a day carrying heavy groceries or apartment items.  I try to help, but just can't carry what he does.  He's my sweet man!  But then there is the technology part and the majority of that has fallen to the priesthood holder.  He is to learn to do MLS which he is presently over at the church getting instruction by phone from a leader in Germany.  He had to get a new iphone (which to many is old hat, but to us, not so) and learn how to use it.  We are having to learn how to run a computer program and hook it to the TV so people can watch it.  My grandsons would say "no big deal", but when it's not our talent, we have to learn.  In the next few weeks, we are to set up an English language class, a family history class, and offer stop smoking classes plus have an up to date MLS list of all members, active and non active in the branch.  Start visiting non active members and prepare talks and lessons.  I have to learn how to make recipes with out many of our connivence items such as canned soups and  make them edible (poor Alan is my guinea pig).We have only been here two weeks and sometimes it feels more like months.  We just need to take a deep breath and realize that all good things will come with time....won't they!

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