Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sremka Motrovica at last!

Well, here we are in the land of Serbia...what a long journey to get here.  In the last 8 days, we have slept in 6 different beds.  First the plane on the way over, or atleast I should say we tried to sleep.  The next two nights we were at a hotel in Zagreb and then we went to a Senior couples conference at Snow Lady which is a ski resort above Zagreb.  Saturday we traveled to Novi Sod and stayed two nights with another senior couple, the Maughan's.  Finally on Monday we headed for Sremka but had to find an apt.  We spent all day looking at places with the branch Pres.,  and by Monday the apt. deal was not finalized, so we rented a room at The White Rose.  Finally last night we got in our apartment.  All that traveling around may sound glamorous, but we are dead on our feet.

Our apartment is on the third floor and a walk up..."huff and puff" but it will get us in shape or give us heart attacks...stay tuned and we will let you know which comes first! It is a nice apt., 3 bedrooms all tile floors; not ultra up to date but comfortable.  It is 1/2 block from the church and right in the heart of Sremka.  However, the apt. was dirty so we cleaned all day and assessed what we needed to buy at the store.   Didn't make it to the Grocery food.  We grabbed some bread from the Bakery (they are famous for breads here and there is a bakery on almost every corner, yum).

The Mission Pres. first councselor came today and brought two new elders, one is from Serbia and one is from American Fork (they ask that we don't use names in our blogs for privacy issues).  So we met with all of them today and helped secure them an apt.  After having lunch with the first counselor and his wife, we loaded up the missionaries and had to drive to Croatia.  When you come to any city you have to report to the Police within 48 hours.  We had been here too long, so we had to drive out of Serbia and re-enter.  We now have 48 to report to the police, but our landlady has to go with us because a person who owns property has to go with you.  When we got back from Croatia we had to take the Elders to a store and buy things they need to set up a new apt.  We paid and then the office reimburses
us on a church card that we can use later to pay our rent.  Sooo no grocery food yet!  This is getting old...hopefully tomorrow.  But we have been told to be flexible and roll with what ever comes; so between rolling, climbing three flights of stairs and starving, we may get fit and trim.  All in
all, it so far has been a good journey!

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